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Your office kitchen could be dirtier than the toilet

Recent research suggests that office kitchens are way too dirty, kettles and microwaves are worst offenders. Workplace surfaces and draining boards in office kitchens are also dirty and have a high number of bacteria. If you are sharing fridges, freezers and microwaves in your office, then look out for the handles and buttons as these are also dirty, as found by the research.

Do you like tea? More than 40% of kettle handles have higher levels of bacteria than on toilet doors.

All testing was carried out by Initial Washroom Hygiene and they found out that 75% of office kitchen surfaces have more bacteria than the average sized feminine sanitary bin.

As you know, shared office kitchens are very busy, with many people preparing their drinks and lunches making it a great place for bacteria, especially when we know that most office workers don’t wash their hands as often as they should.

To promote regular and good hygiene practices to your office employees, you could introduce towel dispensers, soap and hand surface sanitizers and have all kitchen and office workplace surfaces cleaned and sanitized regularly by using your local office cleaning company, daily or weekly.

It’s proven in the past that hand washing drastically reduces the risk of bacteria spreading in your office and will help keep your employees healthy. After all, one sick person could infect half of an average office’s most used surfaces by lunchtime. Invest into hand sanitizers or wipes and you’ll be able to dramatically reduce the bacteria in your office.

Find out why cleaning your office regularly is important and top germ hot spots in any office.

Look how dirty your keyboard could be…


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