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Quick guide to lawn maintenance in Spring

Spring time is when the lawn is actively growing; requiring regular feeding, weeding, moss killing and regular mowing. Regularly maintaining your lawn can help avoid the need for renovation in the future. 

Lawn is not growing much over the winter months, when the warmer weather finally comes you can start mowing. If any areas of your lawn have been damaged over winter you can start over-seeding too.

Lawn mowing in spring

The most important task in spring lawn maintenance is mowing, to keep your lawn in good health it should be mowed regularly. You should mow at least once a week.

Lawn moss killing in spring

If you lawn is poorly drained and damp you may have problems with moss. Spring is a great time of the year to sort out any moss problems.

  • Mid- to late March: Apply spring fertiliser and mosskiller during fine weather
  • Early April: Lightly rake out dead moss
  • Lightly over-seed sparsely grassed areas and lightly top-dress as above if necessary

Lawn feeding in spring

To increase vigour and prevent weeds and moss growing you should use spring lawn fertiliser in late March to April. There are various brands of spring lawn fertilisers to choose from, use the recommended amounts. It’s best to apply lawn fertiliser either when rain is forecast or when the soil is moist.

New lawn maintenance

Newly laid turf lawn shouldn’t be used for the first week. Lawns from seed shouldn’t be used until the first mowing. You can feed newly laid lawns as you would established ones. Newly laid lawns should be watered but not too much as that could result in shallow roots and poor establishment.

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