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How to Stop Condensation on Windows?

Condensation problems are very common problem, mostly happening overnight because windows are tightly locked up and warm with moist air not escaping. Instead of escaping outdoors it heads towards a cool surface, releasing vapour and forming condensation.

As windows are largest and coolest surfaces in your home at night, the condensation is therefore a common problem. Excess moisture in your home can lead to mould growth and reproduction.

There are two methods that work on reducing the amount of condensation forming in your home.

1. Heat and Ventilate

Keep your home warm, ensuring rooms are heated evenly. If you are drying clothes or showering open the window to allow the moist air to escape outdoors. Room design is also important in minimising condensation. If you have wardrobes tightly nestled against a wall, airflow is restricted and can cause vapour build up and condensation

2. Reduce Warm and Most Air

When you are cooking or bathing, turn the extractor fan on. Tumble dryer that vents to a container inside increases the risk of condensation so keep ventilating.

Tips on tackling mould.

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