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How to prepare your garden for winter

For most gardens it’s a matter of cleaning up and covering up for the winter. As the temperatures are dropping we might get some overnight frost, plants are preparing for dormancy.

If you have annual plants and vegetables don’t forget to clear out the blackened stems.

You might think that with the lower temperature the activity in your garden stopped but there is still a lot happening under the soil before it freezes. Trees, shrubs, perennials and hardy bulbs are taking nutrients and moisture from the soil helping them grow roots. Earthworms are also still active and processing all the organic material from the soil.

To protect plants from frost in the winter, spread a thick layer of mulch over them. The mulch is there to keep the temperatures even, not necessarily to protect the soil. When the soil is frozen, it will stay frozen even with mulch over it. You can use fallen leaves as mulch.

Snow is not all bad for your garden; it protects plants but at the same time endangers them. Thick snow is like mulch, insulating the garden soil. But if you have snow piled on branches, it weighs them down and could break them. Keep an eye out on the snow and knock it from the bottom branches first and the work your way up. This will make sure that the snow from above is not falling onto the lower branches, weighing them down even more. For creating organic soil feed, compost all dead plants. Diseased foliage should be cut off from plants and shrubs. Use pine needles or chopped leaves as mulch to protect plant roots and garden soil. Barks of young trees should be protected by wrapping stems with wire or tree guard products available from garden centres.

If you need help to prepare your garden for winter, cut the lawn, trees or shrubs why not call and book our Woking handyman.

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