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How to prepare your garden for Summer

Now the cold and rainy months are over it’s a great time to start thinking about how to prepare your garden for Summer. Our simple tips will help you prepare your garden for Summer in a few afternoons.


Every gardener faces weeds in their garden, below are a few easy steps to help clear them.

  • Clear the ground and remove weeds by forking over the area and taking them out by hand.
  • Rake the ground clear and remove any debris that is left.
  • You can use a chemical weed killer to speed things up. They are easy to use and will kill any weeds and stop them from re-growing.


After taking care of weeds, fertilise the soil to allow nutrients back into it.

  • Use a compound fertiliser for your garden or an organic one which is eco-friendly and mix it into the soil.
  • To use no chemicals cover the weeds up for six months, it is a timely procedure but plants need light so if it is taken away you will begin to kill them off.


Pruning it a tedious and time consuming process but all the hard work will pay off.

  • Clear any dead plants away from shrubs and hedges and clear away debris that might be left over from winter months.
  • Using a secateur cut down any dead parts of your plants or shrubs.

Tip:- To see if your shrub is alive scrape a little away and see if the wood below the bark is greenish white, if it is then it’s likely the shoot is alive, if it’s not the chances are it is dead and will need to be removed.


Summer goes hand in hand with fresh plants, plant some now.

  • Your soil is prepared for planting so now you just need to find the plants you would like to plant.
  • Dig a hole larger than your plant, put your plant in and fill it with the soil that you have dug out.
  • Now get your trowel and pat down the soil that surrounds the plant, don’t forget to water them.
  • Repeat this step for planting all your plants.


Lawn needs to be also prepared for Summer.

  • Spread out lawn feed which will help your lawn to grow and don’t forget to water it.
  • To keep your lawn healthy and looking fresh mow regularly.

We hope you like our top tips on how to prepare your garden for Summer and that you find them easy to follow. As always we are here to help with any garden maintenance with unbeatable prices.

So be sure to water your plants and lawn regularly and enjoy Summer.

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