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How to Grow a Healthy Lawn

Using the right care and tools your lawn and garden space can be easily maintained to provide a relaxing place for the whole family.

To have a perfect lawn you need to regularly maintain it which includes using lawn feeds that are available in any gardening centre or even supermarket. These products contain many nutrients and fertilizers promoting healthy growth. Always read the label on how to use the product. Generally, each application of lawn feed lasts for 8-12 weeks, water the lawn immediately after application to prevent the lawn from being scorched by the sun. If you have problem with moss in your lawn then you can use a lawn feed complete with moss killer.

Watering your lawn as well as mowing it regularly is important to keep it looking healthy. Regular mowing promotes even growth. If you have a new lawn, leave the grass to grow to at least 5cm before mowing. In spring and summer you can mow 2-3 times a week because the grass grows quickly.

To encourage even growth you should mow in alternate directions. If you always mow in one direction your lawn will grow uneven.

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