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How to clean your patio

After winter and rainy weather your patio is probably looking quite dirty and neglected. We’ll help you revive your patio, ready for the upcoming sunny period.

All year round your patio is exposed to the elements, it will get dirty overtime. If you want to keep your patio clean you should maintain it regularly. Check for weeds, damage and deeply clean your patio at least few times a year. Probably the most important clean is after winter.

Why should you clean your patio regularly

The number one reason for maintaining your patio and paving on a regular basis is to maintain its condition so they last as long as possible. Moss, dirt and algae build up on your patio will make your garden look neglected and it could also make the patio surface slippery. If you don’t look after your patio, weeds will sooner or later find their way through the paving slabs and other places you wouldn’t think possible. Regular patio cleaning prevents these scenarios from happening.

How to clean different patio materials

What products and methods you use for cleaning your patio will depend on the patio material. The most commonly used materials for patios are stone, concrete and clay.

Stone patio cleaning – most popular are sandstone, granite, limestone and slate. Stone is popular because of its hard wearing material and it comes in a wide range of colours. Typical stone patio can easily last a lifetime with regular maintenance, as long as the original was a good quality product. Sweep and clean with soap and water to maintain your stone patio.

Concrete patio cleaning – affordable but not as hard wearing as stone, it can fade over time. Concrete patios need cleaning much more regularly to avoid dirt, slime and moss build up. You shouldn’t use harsh chemicals as it could damage the colour. Either buy a cleaning solution for concrete patios or clean with water and detergent mix.

Clay patio cleaning – similar to concrete but colour doesn’t fade over time. The frequency of cleaning clay patio depends on the weather conditions. Clay patio should be cleaned with a special clay cleaning product or using water and detergent.

How to clean patio slabs

To clean patio slabs you’ll need to invest into patio cleaning products and equipment if you want to clean the patio yourself. You can use either special cleaning detergent for the type of patio you have or just use water and detergent. Tough stains can be removed with bleach and turpentine mix but test it first so you don’t damage the colour of your patio. To clean your patio you’ll need a brush with hard bristles, a broom, a hose, water and a pressure washer; unless you want to clean the patio by hand.

If you rather hire a patio cleaning company in Surrey or Hampshire to professionally clean your patio, get in touch to book a visit from us. We use the latest cleaning jet wash system and can deeply clean driveways, patios or decking just in time for the BBQ season.

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