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How to clean a patio

Your garden is probably ready for the summer by now, your lawn neatly cut, flowers, trees and shrubs are blooming and adding colour to your garden. And then you look at your patio, after the winter and all the rain we had it’s not looking its best. With our easy tips you can clean your patio in no time.

Start afresh – Declutter

Most patios are home to bikes, toys, garden tools and a few broken plant pots. The best way to start any cleaning job is to declutter. If you have a shed or garage store away things that you know will be used. The rest could be recycled, donated to charity (old toys) or binned.


Weeds and dandelions growing between the stones are uninviting and give the whole garden an unloved look.

  • Scrape weeds out using a kitchen knife or patio weeder and make sure to take out the root
  • Use a weedkiller sprays or solutions – don’t use them when it’s windy to avoid blowing them on to other plants
  • For a temporary fix use a garden strimmer



Dirt and slime build up over time and giving your patio a deep clean will make it look like new. All you need is a stiff broom and lukewarm, soapy water. Try special patio cleaners if you have moss or algae on your patio. Or you can use a hose to clean any dirt and then gently scrub to remove stubborn dirt. Hose down and sweep with a broom for an instantly cleaner patio.

For really dirty patios use a pressure washer to give it a deep clean and remove all the dirt. But beware – excess water pressure can damage paving so be careful.

When your patio is clean keep sweeping it regularly.

Check out our recently cleaned patio with pressure washer by clicking here.

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