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Handyman’s Garden Maintenance Tips

Handyman’s Garden maintenance tips – plants, lawns, decking, sheds, furniture and fencing

Maintaining your garden in top shape is time-consuming but nice and loved garden can transform your home. Read our handyman’s garden maintenance tips to find out how to keep your garden looking in shape all year round.

If you don’t look after your garden regularly it can quickly look untidy and unkept. Winter garden needs quite a lot of leaves clearance and tree pruning and spring and summer gardening entails a lot of planting and lawn mowing. Keeping to maintain your garden, whether small or large, might be a daunting task for many of us but don’t despair because we have some garden maintenance tips for you.

Garden plants
The key to your garden looking lovely and colourful are plants. They need special care depending whether it’s flowering or fruiting plant or perennial plants that return year after year. Flowering and fruiting plants need pruning in winter and early spring time whereas perennials need pruning and deadheading on a regular basis. If you decide to grow your own fruit and veg don’t forget to maintain it according to what you grow.

Know what plants you are growing in your garden and how to care for all of them.

Your lawn might require more than just mowing depending whether you grow your lawn from seeds or had recently laid lawn turf. Remember to water your lawn in dry weather.

Decking, patios and paving
These require regular sweeping and cleaning. If you have wooden decking then this needs to be repainted or re-stained yearly. To maintain the decking clean it once or twice a year with a mild detergent. Paving and patios, made of stone, need weeding and sweeping regularly. To was of grime or stains on patios and paving use warm water with soap and scrub them or try a pressure washer.

Sheds, greenhouses
To prevent break-ins into your sheds and greenhouses make sure they are secured with locks. Wooden sheds need to be weatherproofed regularly.

Garden furniture
To prevent damage to your garden furniture, especially over winter, store it away in your garage or shed alternatively cover with waterproof covering. In spring clean with warm water or specialist products to make them look like new again.

Wooden fences are predominantly vulnerable to damage from wind and wet weather, so check your fence carefully after winter for any damage. Metal and UPVC fencing is more durable but needs to be checked for rust or wind damage.

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