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Clean Blinds For A Clear View

One of the most versatile and attractive window coverings to ever be invented are ‘blinds’  a single term that covers a lot of different styles and materials. They come in just about every colour and texture imaginable, and when they’re well cared for they’re a great aesthetic feature of any décor that can last for decades. However, and that’s a big however, if your blinds are not cared for properly they can become a home decor nightmare.

The only ‘secret’ to keeping your blinds as attractive and pleasing as they were when you first hung them up is to keep them clean, and yes, it means work. The amount of work you will need to do depends mostly on your ability to procrastinate, if your blinds need cleaning there is little point in waiting until another day. If you tend to stay ahead or at least abreast of things in the housework department, you’re way ahead in the blind-cleaning department.

Professional Blind Cleaning

All the professionals suggest that blinds should be dusted and/or vacuumed every time you dust or vacuum the rest of the house, or once a week, whichever comes sooner. Most suggest using a microfiber duster, which collects dust rather than just scattering it to fall elsewhere. With the blinds open, run the duster along the slats on both top and bottom in the direction they lie, whether vertical or horizontal.

Vacuum The Problem away

Use the same technique if you have a brush attachment on your vacuum (if you don’t have one, consider investing in a reasonably powerful hand-held dust-buster or other small vacuum appliance).

Vacuuming with a brush attachment is usually the more efficient method, but one or the other is crucial if you want to keep your blinds looking good. Note: don’t try to vacuum lightweight vinyl blinds, just dust or use a damp rag.

For blinds that have been allowed to get seriously dirty, the next option is a bath. Of course you’ll need to take them down and spread them out; you can do this outdoors with a clean sheet of plastic or canvas as a base, a bucket of warm water and mild soap, a brush and a garden hose. Or you can put them in the bathtub with warm soapy water to scrub and rinse them, which is a good option if the weather is bad or you don’t have adequate space outdoors.

Ultrasonic Cleaners Work So Well On Blinds

Ultrasonic cleaners are becoming more and more popular as the technology advances, and one of their many uses is cleaning all kinds of blinds. There is literally nothing that can do a better job with the sort of stains and grime that accumulate on your window coverings, even grease and nicotine. An ultrasonic cleaning device requires that blinds be taken down and placed in a shallow tank or basket, where high-frequency sound waves act to remove all traces of unwanted substances.

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning go beyond the fact that no labour is required for the actual cleaning process; once the individual slats are placed in the tank, the process takes only a few minutes while all you do is wait. Another plus is that only the dirt, dust and grime is removed; regardless of the material they are made of, the ultrasonic cleaner will not damage the blinds’ surface, only leave it spotless and looking like brand new.

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