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How To Avoid Scratching Your Fabulous Hardwood Floor

Wood flooring is the ultimate statement of luxury and elegance. It adds that distinctive feel of style and comfort which can really change the look of any room or even an entire house. On top of that, hardwood floors are durable and can outlive all other flooring options by far. However, such a wonderful thing doesn’t come cheap at all. Quality wood flooring made of classic oak, teak or exotic acacia can be several times more expensive for the square foot when compared with other options like laminate, carpeting or even marble.

Getting your carpets looking great is a matter of knowing the processes involved!

The difference that a carpet can make to your home is quite surprising. As you own a carpet, it;s color changes with the dirt that gets trodden in to it, and this can often happen very slowly and evenly, in a way that will not be very obvious as it happens. You will no doubt find that cleaning a carpet will give surprising results, in that the original color will return and you will likely be astounded by the way in which it changes the feel of the room, especially in a room with wall to wall carpet flooring.

How to Go Green in Carpet Cleaning

One of the major concerns of the world today is indeed the deteriorating environment and dealing with this kind of subject can be a way tricky. In case you are not aware, our present environment is on its stage of fragileness. This simply means that it is nearing to its complete destruction. Taking good care of our environment can be something impossible especially these days when people tend to be much busier with their jobs. But there are also effective ways by which one can contribute in taking care of the environment while leading a life that’s rewarding and productive.

The Art of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Is an Art

Carpet cleaning is an art, like everything else. You must make sure that the carpet is cleaned before being fitted unto your floor due to the chemicals it has accumulated from the warehouse where you bought if from. You can generally get the professional carpet cleaners to do this for you. But have you ever wondered how it is done?

Does White Wine Really Remove Red Wine Stains? And Other Cleaning Quandaries

Everybody has their own tricks and tips when it comes to cleaning and if you have time to scour the internet and read them all you will find that a lot of them contradict each other or make outlandish claims that can’t possibly be true. So in the quest to remove all the stains from your home and make it sparkle for longer what can and what can’t you believe?

Cleaning is never something that we are particularly fond of but there are times when it is necessary and of course there are those heart stopping times in which a quick reaction could be the difference between your stylish white carpet staying that way or being defaced indelibly.

3 DIY Tips For Removing Clothing And Carpet Stains

Ever have kids dripping ice cream or juice all over your house? Have you also spilled food on your expensive sofa or rug? Stains can really be a problem as these can deface surfaces. If these are not completely removed, they will make things look old and grubby. So, how do you clean away stains? Do you have to pour bleach to get rid of unsightly blemishes? Bleach isn’t the answer to all stain problems as this can cause discoloration especially if you use a more concentrated formulation. If there are stubborn stains on delicate items or if you don’t know how to get rid of tenacious post-construction stains, for instance, you can call a commercial cleaning service for help. But there are also many DIY ways when getting rid of common stains. Below are some examples.

Cleaning chewing gum from carpet

How to clean the 5 most common carpet stains part 4

Chewing gum

Who doesn’t love chewing gum every now and then, especially if you have kids you are used to chewing gums but how do you remove chewing gum in case you or the kids drop one on the carpet? We show you how with our guide. Read on to find out what are the three methods used to remove chewing gums from carpets.

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