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Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips

Even if you have a daily or weekly bathroom cleaning routine you should give it a deep clean few times a year. And when better to start than with bathroom spring cleaning.

Quick clean up

First do a quick bathroom clean up; taking the trash away and putting dirty laundry in the basket rather than having it scattered on the floor. Check all your products in cupboards or in the shower whether they are just empty bottles taking up a space or if you even use them.


Start with the ceiling and looking out for cobwebs. You may need to wash the walls if they are dirty or if you have mouldy ceiling. Dust and wipe clean vents and fans. Light fixtures can be taken down, washed gently and dried before replacing. If you have blinds or curtains, take them down and wash them, clean the windows and windowsills.

Scrubbing shower and bathtub

De-scale fixtures and shower screens, wash your shower curtain or replace it with a new one. Clean any soap scum, dirt with commercial cleaners. Steam cleaning your shower would be great to deeply clean the tiles and grout and get rid of germs.

Scrubbing the toilet

Clean the handle, crevices on the outside and underneath the toilet. Use bleach or toilet limescale remover to clean the inside of the toilet bowl using toilet brush and good old elbow grease.

Cleaning sink and fixtures

Using commercial cleaners for your sink, not forgetting to clean mirrors and other fixtures. Clean the inside and outside of bathroom cabinets or drawers and organize them and then wash the bathroom rug too. Wash the trash can inside and outside, use trash sacks or grocery bags to easily empty the trash can in the future.

Floor Cleaning

Hoover and then mop the floor, the best way is to get on your hands and knees to clean the floor really well.

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