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Autumn Maintenance Tasks you Shouldn’t Ignore

Autumn’s crisp temperatures and colourful leaves are a signal that winter is fast approaching. Prepare your garden for winter by completing the following essential tasks. They will protect your garden in the winter and make maintenance easier in spring.

Clean the Gutters

Accumulated leaves and debris prevent drainage and can lead to bigger problems when winter comes. Clean your gutters by removing any buildup of leaves and debris, flush the gutter with a garden hose and check the flow. If you clear your gutters in autumn you can prevent overflow, giving you one less potential problem to worry about in the winter.

Clean the Patio

If you are tempted to leave your patio furniture out all year it won’t last you long. Pack it properly and store during winter to prolong its life. Before you store your patio furniture clean off any dirt, let them dry completely and store in the garage.

Drain Outside Faucets

Overlooking this could lead to water freezing and faucets bursting in winter. Turn off outside faucets and in-ground irrigation systems. Close any shut-off valves and open outside faucets to drain completely. Put away garden hoses and sprinklers preventing damage in winter.

Keep you Plants Warm

After you prepare your garden for winter (deadheading perennials, pulling up annuals, trimming shrubs) add a layer of mulch to flower beds. It acts as an extra layer of warmth and protects tender plants during winter, increasing the chance of survival. You can create your own by shredding and mulching the leaves from your garden.

Trim the Trees

To keep your trees healthy you should trim the branches after you rake up first batch of fallen leaves. Pruning trees while it still has leaves will make it easier to determine which branches are dead or dying and need to be trimmed.

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