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Are you Making You Home Dustier?

You could be making your home dustier without even realising. Follow our steps to keep dust from settling down in your home.

Fuzzy Carpets and Rugs

Carpets, rugs and other floor coverings are dust magnets and dust producers. The fuzzier, the more dust they produce. You can still have carpet but choose flat-weaves and hoover regularly to prevent dust settling in the carpet. Hoovering rugs is not enough though, you should take rugs outside and shake them out too. It gets rid of unwanted clouds of dust.

Dusting Cloths

Are you dusting the ‘old school’ way using an old t-shirt? You should use microfiber for dusting because its synthetic fibers attract a lot more dust than cotton fabric. To dust tight corners and shelves use a microfiber wand duster. For tabletops and counters you can use microfiber cloth.

Not Having a Doormat

Dust and dirt particles are transferred in to your home every time a person or pet comes in or goes out. Cleaner shoes mean less dust so invest into a heavy duty doormat and wash it regularly. Even better, take your shoes off once you come in and leave them by the door. The tracked in dirt and dust will be contained in a smaller area.

Old Hoover

If your hoover is really old and outdated with old filters it doesn’t have a good suction and not picking up as much dust.  Invest into a hoover that has HEPA filters which can grab really small dust particles and even pollen.

Dry Air

Dust clings to surfaces better when the air is dry. Keep the humidity in your home at about 40 – 50 percent. In winter, keep trays of water on top of radiators or use a humidifier to add water to the air.

Blinds and Curtains

When was the last time you dusted your blinds or washed curtains? Dust and dirt particles can easily blow in through the windows. Use a microstatic cloth or the dusting attachment on your hoover to dust blinds. Use a small handheld hoover for your curtains and at least twice a year take them down and launder or dry-clean.


Pillows collect dust mites that feed on flakes of dry skin, they can cause allergic reactions. Dust mites congregate in bed linens, mainly pillows. Wash and dry your pillows frequently and replace pillows and duvet covers with new ones every year or two.


Don’t have too much clutter on shelves unless you are willing to take them down every time you dust. Otherwise the dust settles on the objects. Curate the items carefully to make dusting easier or display them in glass door cabinets.

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