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April Gardening Tips

We have reached the first week in April and even though the cold weather is still here, it is about time we spent some time in the garden maintaining our prized outdoor spaces.  It is very important to do it at this time of the year otherwise it will become worse and worse during the Summer. So if you are a bit stuck for what to do this weekend in the garden, here are some tips

  • Prune shrubs, which have over grown, to aid their growth into Spring
  • Lily bulbs can be planted now. Make sure you plant them facing upwards in groups of 4 or 5, otherwise they will look a bit scattered
  • If you want to grow some potatoes early this year, you can plant them in your vegetable patch now
  • Maintain bird and animal feeders that might have been damaged by the Winter

This time of year is really best spent preparing your garden for planting in the Spring. So make sure to also cut back on weeds growing in your garden before they get out of control.

Remember that it’s still cold though, so any frost prevention methods you have installed in your garden – such as sheets over plant beds or keeping delicate flowers indoors – should be kept as is for the time being.

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