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5 Times You’ll Wish You Had A Pressure Washer Handy

Many homeowners tackle daily home improvement chores fairly successfully with the rubber garden hose – but a day will come where the hose just won’t cut it. Even though hoses come with sprayer attachments, they may not always be fast or strong enough when certain jobs arise. Although hoses are an easy, low-risk resort for small jobs around the house and yard, pressure washers have advantages that hoses don’t:

  • They’re high-velocity, with the power to blast away dirt, paint, grime, and other buildup on surfaces.
  • Their power allows for faster dirt removal than the stream from a hose allows.
  • You can run a detergent solution through them to quickly and effectively clean an area.

Of course, a pressure washer is so powerful that it’s not suitable for every job. It needs to be handled by someone who understands the risks and can test powers on surfaces in order to ensure no damage is done.

But when used properly, a pressure washer is a great asset. When might you need one? Consider five situations where using a pressure washer makes a lot of sense.

1. When you’re about to host a backyard party.

Whether the siding is starting to look faded and dingy, or your army of lawn chairs are covered in dirt, a pressure washer makes yard cleaning tasks go much more quickly. Pressure washers can effectively clean your siding and your lawn furniture, as well as your deck, railings, stairs, and other surfaces in need of sprucing.

Power washers clean concrete well too, so if your party includes pool time and swimming, you can clean the pool deck – or even the bottom of the pool – in a jiffy with a power washer. Even better, if you have a cleaning solution with detergent that can be put in your power washer, the bacteria and grime can get drenched in good cleaning supplies that’ll take care of it.

2. When your house has been vandalized.

You never know when the neighborhood thugs are going to strike with their spray cans. Whether it’s the side of your home, garage, business, or a wall on your property, graffiti is annoying to remove. The quicker you get that artwork off, the less likely those same people will be to vandalize your property again. Pressure washers work well to remove graffiti from metal, wood, or brick surfaces.

3. When summer – and boating season – ends

When you put up your boat for the winter, why not pressure clean it? Using detergent cleaner applied through a pressure cleaner will help loosen algae and buildup of grime. Afterwards, give her a nice wax and send her to sleep for the season. Next summer, she’ll be ready to go.

4. When you’d rather not pay for the car wash one more time.

Pressure washers do a great job getting wheels, rims, and car bodies clean. Why isn’t a hose good enough? The Car Cleaning Guru weighs in on the issue, saying that pressure washers generally do a better job than hoses at removing dirt. Also, they use less water than hoses. However, they can inflict damage if aimed at vulnerable parts of the car, so it’s important to be careful about where you spray and use an appropriate setting. Avoiding areas where water could enter the car is advised.

5. When you’re painting or re-sealing your home exterior.

Old paint has to be removed somehow, especially if it’s peeling.  Many times, people sandblast their homes, or use chemicals to remove paint. But a pressure washer can be just as effective. For concrete, wood, stone, or brick, paint removal can be accomplished successfully with the power of a pressure washer.

How do I get ahold of a pressure washer?

Pressure washers are available to rent or buy. From a low-powered electric model to a high-powered gas model, pressure washers come in a variety of sizes to fit your job. Their power is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) and the PSI of pressure washers ranges from 1300 to over 4000, depending on the model. If you’re considering purchasing a pressure washer, Home Depot has a good guide for determining which model will best suit your job.

For other jobs that you’d rather not tackle yourself, you might want to consider a pressure washing service with trained technicians who know how to safely, appropriately handle a pressure washer.

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